Monday, September 13, 2010

I am Sorry

I am Sorry

Unusual title to the article? Yes, I guess so too. But that was the most relevant topic I could think of writing on for this issue. As many would know, Jains all over the world are celebrating Paryushan Parv and on the day of Samvatsari, people say Micchami Dukdam to each other, which requests forgiveness from everybody we know if we have hurt them in any form whatsoever knowingly or unknowingly.

Sorry as per me is one of the strongest words that is grossly underused especially in the present day world. We commit more mistakes than we ever used to, be it at home, in the office, the college or even as we go somewhere on the street and confront strangers. But none of that results in an increase in the apologies. Why? Because something else has taken over us, its called EGO. Yes, wrote in caps because it is that big. Ego, a term largely associated with snobbish individuals who would throw around attitude for no reason is now a common trait available in abundance amongst kids, youngsters, middle aged and the elderly. Why? No reason whatsoever, just the feeling of being (read feeling) important. You have people get into arguments at the drop of a hat, and then continuing to argue till the other person gives up. Rarely would you find people owning up to faults, or even accepting part fault and apologizing to others to sort matters out. They feel insanely proud of ‘winning’ arguments and making the other person be looked down upon.

What does it take? I ask, to say the three magical words “I am Sorry.”.  Seems simple as simple could be, but I guess man finds it way too tough to say something that simple or bow down in front of somebody, even if they know that somebody is right and they are wrong.  Funny, very funny. While apologizing too much in life can make others think you are always on the defensive and never right, everybody must make an effort to ensure they apologies when required.

Religion has always meant to show us the larger picture which we all very conveniently forget. By saying Micchami Dukdam one day, you don’t really cover all the sins you have committed over the year, but it is supposed to be a reminder to not sin again. We should think twice if not thrice before speaking ill of others, we should contemplate multiple times before doing wrong things that may harm others and we must never ever deliberately bring upon harm on to others.

Having said all of that, I personally know that I speak a lot of ill of a lot of people mockingly or otherwise. I therefore extend my apology to all of them and you the readers through this medium. May you forgive me for mistakes that I commit, correct where required and help in making me a better writer and thus individual.

Sorry! :)

Prateek Raja Shah
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