Monday, October 18, 2010

Goonj 2010 Its Here

Goonj 2010 Its Here

Life is funny and I am a firm believer of that fact. Today has always had a long story set in yesterday. I am going to get a little personal and candid this time :) . 3 years ago, I did not as much as know where Gujarati Samaj exactly was in Delhi. I had very few Gujarati friends, that too all being from my colony – Gujarat Vihar. Most of the Gujarati folk seemed somewhat alien, since I wasn’t sure if I could ever gel with anyone. While I understood bits of the language, speaking was next to impossible, and you will have a good laugh if you stand beside me when I still utter few sentences.

But times, they change without warning. One fine day I got a call and was invited to attend a ‘meeting’ at Gujarati Samaj. To add to drama, I can fairly say that one call changed my ‘Social Life’ forever. We(a bunch of gujju youngsters) met up to discuss details about organizing a fest. Every subsequent week, we met and met some more ending up organizing Delhi’s first Gujarati Fest ‘GOONJ 2007’. While the fest was a success, there was a bigger success that happened behind the scenes. I got connected with a lot of gujjus, and suddenly they became my immediate friend circle. The bonding between everyone grew so strong, that I am as of today a ‘Muh Bola Bhai’ to a generous population in Delhi :) .  We all ate so many thalis and had so many chaach’s and spent time around so many uncle and aunties who lived Gujarati, Slept Gujarati and most importantly ate Gujarati, that my ‘Gujaratification’ process started!

3 years down the line and after 3 annual fests, many other events, whole lot of thali, tea-samosa outings at Samaj, I hereby happily declare, “I am Proud to be a Gujarati”! and I am glad to have found and met some of the most awesome people in my life in my own city and community.

“Ab zara mudde ki baat pea ate hain”

G O O N J 2 0 1 0 is here and is here with a bang! Meetings with participation from corners of the city are on in full swing! And we are thrilled to announce that this year’s fest is on 31st October 2010 at Shah Auditorium, Gujarati Samaj.

Auditions for various events like Dancing, Fashion Show, Singing, Gujju’s got Talent shall be held on Sunday, 10th October and Thursday, 14th October. To register yourself and participate, please call up our coordinators at 99680 51034, 98680 69690 .

To give you a feeling of what Goonj is and what it has been like to be a part of it, following pages have articles from Goonj 2007 and Goonj 2008. Read and enjoy :)

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