Thursday, July 1, 2010

Delhi Dhul Gayi

Delhi Dhul Gayi

Aa gayi bearish, ho gayi chhutti.

With the rains just round the corner, all Delhiites look for that one column in the newspaper  which is authored by the met department. Breezy, 39 C, chances of RAIN! Drizzles, drizzles and more drizzles before it finally starts raining one fine day(much after the predictions) .

The mood suddenly changes, the frowns become smirks, the dull faces become lively smileys and the pale yellow trees also suddenly start looking greener. The kids enjoy getting drenched in rain, the females put their umbrellas to more use than just getting protecting themselves from the sun and the bike riders get to use their wind cheaters which have been lying unused in the trunks at home. Office goers look outside the window , thinking how it would feel to be out there and the ones who are out there keep thinking of places to take shelter and dry themselves up.

After reaching its peak, slowly and steadily it recedes till finally leaving you with drops falling off leaves and railings which could manage to store some of the water that came their way. The real story begins now. The sun comes out, beaming infra red rays from up there. The roads get water logged as if they were originally supposed to be man-made lakes and had gone dry due to some reason. The clothes get wet like they would if kept in a washing machine and forgotten about. Cold spreads like it was the worst trojan virus to ever set foot on this planet.

Since Delhi experiences the extremes of all weathers, we manage. We manage to get our vehicles stuck in rain water. We manage to make the place under bridges our safe temporary haven when riding a bike. We manage to not react too badly to scolding received due to late coming to school/college/office. We manage to dry up our clothes and not make it look like the non ironed cramped clothes are the same as were dressed in yesterday. We manage to lead simple lives without internet because the wires are messed up with the rain and humidity.

We love the rain. We hate the rain. We reign the rain or the rain reigns us, that is the question.

Rain rain come again?

After the sun makes everything way too dry,
we crave for drops which will fall from the sky,
and fill our hearts with vigour and joy,
soon enough, the monsoon does come by.

Then its time for jalebi, pakodas, tea and coffee,
not to miss the the love birds that roam the locality,
or the pleasant weather with breezy velocity,
which engulfes the city with scenic beauty.

So far so good, but then the troubles begin,
water logged roads, jams and drenched skin,
to be followed with a lot of sneezing and coughing,
and conked off phones which suddenly stop ringing.

To love it or not is entirely your say,
after all, things are balanced both the ways,
all i can think of is "rain rain go away,
come again another day, little Johnny wants to play"

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