Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time Nathi maari paase!!

Time nathi maari paase!!! Arre jaldi maa chu!!! Ohhoo, late thaaye che!!!

are some of the words and phrases we use commonly each day. Why? Have we been given the task to run a country? Have we turned into actors and actresses overnight? Is the time you and I get lesser than other people in the world?

No, obviously not. Then why do people keep cribbing and complaining about the lack of ‘time’ in their lives, how they don’t get ‘time’ to do things they like, why nobody else in the entire company/friend circle/society is as busy as they are? All for a simple reason, we don’t know how to use our ‘time’. I know suddenly you will ask the 10 year old in your home to come and read this article, but the harsh reality is that this is meant for you and you sitting besides watching TV and even the ones whom you will tell later about the same. Youngsters or elders, working professionals or housewives, we all love to waste time in things that have less or no importance at all and this small write up is a small attempt to try and evoke the feeling of managing time better.

Let me be honest, I am pretty bad at this myself, which is why I m writing this in the first place. When asked to submit this edition’s Youth ki Goonj, I thought for a moment, let me skip it and not write but then realized how important it was and decided to push other things rescheduling them. So what do we do when an important task is given to us. We do it if we like it, and procrastinate if we don’t. That’s how the entire world works. But then there are the people who do well in life. The achievers, the stars, the famous ones and more who may not have necessarily known more than when they were born nor might they have had better circumstances than you did as they grew up, but they just turned out to be better, through appropriate management of ‘time’.

Everybody around us stresses a lot on studying, getting degrees, good marks and a whole lot of other things. They forgot to add the all important lesson of time in our course books. By prioritizing right, and by ensuring the right things happen at the right time, the rest of byproducts in life (marks, money, mental peace) will automatically be taken care of. Sounds tough to believe right? That’s the whole thing, the biggest secrets in this life are toughest to digest, yet they are true.

How do we change? In fact do we want to change? What do I do if I want to change? That I am afraid are questions we need to ask ourselves. And here’s another secret. The answer lies with us as well J We just need to spend time with ourselves and sort this out. Once done, I can guarantee your life to have become far more productive in all respects. And the lack of time will soon be converted into so much of time that you will start wondering what to do with it.

Start writing for a magazine I say, it’s a good ‘time’ pass J

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Prateek Shah (Raja)
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