Monday, February 22, 2010

Year End

Dated : December 2009

Greetings Gujjus,  

We are nearing the end of yet another eventful year, and it is best to look back and reflect at some of the events that went by. While our scientists made us proud with Chandrayan’s successful discovery of water on moon’s surface, the cricket team emerged the best in tests. AR Rahman with his musical masterpiece got what he truly deserved – an Oscar, and made us all go Jai Ho! And many such accomplishments that leave you with fond memories from 2009.

So here we are, in the month of December, trying to think back where the twelve months went by. And no matter, how much we try to recollect, it’s difficult to realize how time flies by. But that’s the thing with time, no matter what we do, it keeps moving, it doesn’t stop for anybody. And that’s what also happens to be time’s biggest message to all of us, that we should keep doing more, keep making the most of what we have, keep trying to push ourselves to the maximum in whatever little time we have.

While youngsters and philosophy don’t go hand in hand, but the youth of today needs to be aware of what happens around them, they need to be aware of the importance of time, they need to realize life’s many responsibilities. While having fun is an integral part of growing up, youngsters must not keep themselves away from life’s worldly matters, and slowly keep imbibing the learnings that their parents and other seniors teach them.

Enough of serious talk; let’s get back to having some fun! For starters, we introduce a brand new section with this issue titled ‘Style Tips’ by Ms Palak Doshi, the CEO of men’s fashion wear brand, VAMAN. Also, we kick off the interview segment with Special Olympic silver medallist, the very talented Mr Kushal Manek.

There is a lot more that we intend to do, and we are moving step by step towards it, but for now here’s hoping that this satisfies your senses.

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