Monday, February 22, 2010

Collld!! Brrr!!

Dated : January 2010

It’s so very cold!!

Brrrrrrr!!! Freezing as I write this, the weather seems to have decided to give us a feel of the hill stations sitting right here in Delhi! Layers of pullovers, mufflers, caps, gloves and jackets everywhere, at least the clothing industry is making the most of the winter.  It was good to see Lohri Bon Fires across the city a few days ago, only if we could have more such festivals in the winter season.

Moving to aapnu Gujarat, it was good to see so many of you like the information we shared on Uttarayan. The times may have changed, but it is heartening to see people flock to their native places in Gujarat just to witness and participate in the kite festival extravaganza. No matter how old one is, such moments bring back the kid inside. If you look closely, we are like a kite, with each one of us wanting to have total control of our lives, but realizing that it is actually the wind which sets the direction. So, while it is good to be in charge, it is also important to learn to let things move as they naturally do.

Due to the paucity of space in the last issue, we are including the pictures from the Christmas bonfire and Nokia’s latest gizmo in this one. Our fashion guru is out of town, so we will be skipping Style Tips this time and the focus on course study will be on counseling courses.
In case you haven’t seen 3 Idiots so far, then please don’t behave like one and go see it at the earliest. Such movies are made once in a lifetime.

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