Monday, February 22, 2010

My Name is Khan

Sabhi ko Salam,

“My Name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist.”

The past few days have been all about SRK’s new movie and the Shiv Sena’s agitation against it. Some people just never grow up. How can someone hold the city to ransom just because a Khan showed some empathy towards Pakistani cricketers. Why I am bringing this topic up is because we need to understand that till we change our mindsets and elect better leaders, these ‘leaders’ will keep playing their dirty politics. The problem is a little deeper actually; all of us no matter how forward we may consider ourselves differentiate people at some point or the other. Religion, caste, creed are some of the countless parameters basis which we want to segregate mankind.  Trouble brews when we imbibe these values to the children around us, who then grow up with similar feelings. Think about it, when kids go to school, do they really care whether their friend is a Hindu, Muslim, Vaishnav, Jain or a Sikh? They just like their friends and love to play along with them, period. Why is it that as we grow up the hatred against particular communities grows? Because we fall prey to what certain politicians or religious gurus tell us. Can’t we have our own ideologies? Can’t we decide what is right and wrong? Can’t we take a stand and recommend others to go by it?

Even if we are able to answer some of these questions, we will spread a lot of goodwill. And the world desperately needs positivity, happiness and joy for humans to lead their lives comfortably.

Sad thing amidst all the movie hoopla as a friend of mine pointed out is that Pune was rocked by bomb blasts because perhaps the police force was busy protecting the movie.

Patriotic feeling running high, we have talked about the National Defence Academy examination in the course study section. We tell you about the cheapest 3G phone in the country in Gadgets and Gizmos. Cars and Bikes are close to every youngster’s heart, we start looking at some of them each fortnight.

Khuda Hafiz,
Prateek Shah


  1. great post. i wish i would have written it.everyone should read this, be it a mature person or a foolish one(Thackreys).too bad that still few people are living their life ignorantly. they dont know right distinction is between good human beings and bad ones and not between a hindu or a muslim.
    I too was wondering so many resources were wasted to safeguard the film just coz cute little and innocent thackerys thought that if we cnt watch the film then no one else shd do it. they dont belong to india, they shd be send to the place from where they hv come, back to hell.

  2. Thanks a lot for the comment Jasleen. It is indeed important for people to understand that we are all equal and should not differentiate on caste and creed.