Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chuski, Summers and IPL

"Chuski..Chuski Chuski Chuski! Lovely lovely chuski..Khatti meethi chuski.. Chuski Chuski Chuski"

No wonder you must be wondering that either the writer has gone crazy or this is a gross typo. It’s none of the two but just the sound that’s reverberating in my ears from the recent trip to India Gate by the night. You have these 3-4 ‘Chuski Wallahs’ vendors selling their product in a truly outstanding fashion.  A sharp pitch announcing the availability of ‘lovely lovely chuski’ attracts everybody towards it and you are bound to buy one even if you don’t like eating it. If all of us had half the dedication shown by these people, completely committed to the job, we would all do really well in life.

Moving on, Summers are here; which reminds me of another important thing. When you are in a conversation and have nothing to say, start off with discussing the weather, it is practically the best ice breaker since everybody has a view point on it. Going back to the rising temperature, it really has changed quite rapidly. A little difficult to surmise when they turned off the natural air conditioning and people turned on the ones in their homes and cars. Blame it on Global Warming I say. There was a time when everything was a resultant of the involvement of ‘foreign hand’ and now it’s ‘Global Warming’.

Finally the IPL, I don’t quite understand the hoopla around it. Do you? I mean why are people going berserk over this marketing extravaganza where no matter who loses, India wins. The club culture is quite famous in the football leagues of Europe and the same seems to have caught the craze of cricket fans in India, but you feel bad for other sports which are not given any support whatsoever. Even if the funds of one IPL match were used in any other sport in the country, it would definitely end up sustaining the complete team for at least a month.

Prateek Shah(Raja)

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